Kids With Guns | Videoclip


Februari 2012


Teamed up with friends of Kids With Guns to create their videoclip voor their first single, Where To Begin? Turns out, we knew exaclty where to begin: Boys, forests and white underpants.


Co-editor Richard snapped a twig with his bare chest (at 2:00) which left quite a mark

Kids With Guns – Where To Begin?
Written, shot and directed by me.
Concept: Niek Eilander and me
Production: Annemarie Gort and Niek Eilander
Editing: Richard van Luttikhuizen and me
Color, FX and design by me

Gear used:
5D & 7D | 24-70mm 2.8 L | 50mm 1.8 | 16-35 2.8 L | Glidetrack | Glidecam

Special thanks to:
David Douglas
Alice Mahran
Eljee Bergwerff
Roald Schaap

Some more trivia:
- Scripted, shot, edited and finished in 3 weeks.
- No one caught a cold shooting this video. And it was very cold. I credit the overall hotness of all the guys.
- Got several bandmembers of John Coffey, the Medics and Coppersky appearing in the video.
- We actually shot everything on schedule. Quite a feat.
- Running shots were done with a glidecam. My favorite moment shooting.
- 3000 views in its first 3 days.

Some stills: